Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sophie Goldstein, Cartoonist and Birthday Girl, Now On Patreon!

Hey friends—
Last year on my birthday I gave myself the gift of paying rent by selling some original art from my graphic novel The Oven and my mini-comic “The Good Wife.” This year, I’m one-upping myself and going all-out to create a sustainable artistic practice.

I made a Patreon account!

With the help of Patreon, I hope to make writing and drawing graphic novels my full-time job. Like many creators I’ve had trouble stitching together a steady income from my work. Currently, I work part-time at a rock climbing facility and take on occasional freelance to make ends meet. However, long-form storytelling is what I love to do, and with the help of my patrons I can focus on the big projects closest to my heart and and get them out in the world as soon as humanly possible.

Here are some of the rewards I’m offering:
$3 a month: Access to my patreon blog, with exclusive previews of new work, process material from current and previous projects, and unprecedented access to my innermost thoughts and creative turmoil.

$5 a month: A monthly PDF of sketchbook drawings, mad scribblings, and assorted juvenilia for you to treasure always—plus all the benefits listed above.

$10 a month: PDFs of all my graphic novels, including "House of Women," “Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell” and “The Oven”—plus all the benefits listed above.

$25 a month: Hard copies of my work as it is published, personalized and mailed to you, as long as your subscription is current—plus all the benefits listed above, of course

I hope you'll consider pledging! Thanks, y'all.

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