The artist at work.
Sophie Goldstein is cartoonist, illustrator and comics instructor based in the great city of Pittsburgh, PA. Her book The Oven, published by AdHouse Books, won two Ignatz awards and was nominated for the Cartoonist Studio Prize.

Her latest book, House of Women, a collection of the Ignatz award-winning self-published mini comic series, will be coming out from Fantagraphics this fall.

Sophie’s first comics endeavor was Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell, a webcomic co-written with Jenn Jordan, which was self-published with funding from Kickstarter in 2013. Sophie has also illustrated a children's book, Poopy Claws, written by Gene Ambaum. In 2013 she graduated from the Center for Cartoon Studies and has been living la vida loca ever since. 

Her work has appeared in various publications including Best American Comics 2013, Fable Comics, The Pitchfork Review, Cricket Magazine, Sleep of Reason and Symbolia Magazine, among others.

She can be contacted directly at redinkradio (at) gmail.com

Twitter: @redinkradio
Instagram: instagram.com/redinkradio
Facebook: facebook.com/sophie.goldstein.3
Tumblr: redinkradio.tumblr.com