Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Symbolia: Tall Tales!

It was my great pleasure to do a short story for Symbolia Magazine's first-ever fiction issue, as well as draw the cover:

It was a great opportunity to work in color again (something I haven't done since finishing DCiGTH), even though I felt a bit rusty.  The cover image was inspired by the mythological homunculus and my ever-growing obsession with tiny houses, mobile homes, and other artificially compact environments. If you're interested, the issue is available for iPad and as a pdf.

Elsewhere in the internet, I did a couple illustrations for "Saying I Do, And Saying Farewell" by Niva Dorell, who lost her husband of eleven days to a brain tumor.  It's a sad, touching story, and I tried my best to honor it in the art.  Below is the cover image for the story, and there are a few more spot illustrations on the Narratively website.

Between these projects and shipping out our Kickstarter rewards it's been a busy few weeks!  See you on the other side, friends.

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