Monday, February 4, 2013

Let's Make A Thesis

This is what my desk looks like these days.  Scripting in InDesign on my laptop, reference pinned up to my board, my Buffy glass and mug of tea within easy reach... I'm a happy camper.

I'm still feeling out my characters and setting but I feel like I'm finally moving forward with this project.  Hopefully I'll have some more images to post soon, although right now I'm just doing pencils and those are no fun to look at.

Words of encouragement are appreciated, if you got 'em!


  1. I've followed your Darwin Carmichael comic with delight for years, and very much look forward to seeing more of your work. This post encourages me to think that we're also going to be treated to more of your process - and I'm really excited by that. Thanks for all you do!

  2. Yay, Go Sophie Go! I still treasure the 2011 Valentine's art you did for me & Woozle! ♥ ^_^

  3. How do you use InDesign for writing/scripting a thesis? That's pretty heavy-duty. Also, I think I have the same phone as you :3

    1. Hey Brad! When I was writing scenes I wanted to have my page be two columns of text and be able to easily move scenes around, and indesign seemed the best program for that. Probably because I'm really familiar with indesign... it certainly isn't made for that purpose.

      And yay crappy phones! At least, if you have the same model as me, I assume it's crappy. I have a drug-dealer burner phone.

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