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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The Reviews Are In

Hey Folks,

An Embarrassment of Witches has received a slew of reviews since its release last week and they've all been glowing!

Here are a couple highlights:

"I haven’t read anything like this before, something so relatable and magical at the same time. I recommend it to anyone who is struggling to find themselves after a big change..."
-The Nerd Daily (full review here)

"A fun little book and one that will appeal to the inner magical teenager in us all." 
-Starburst Magazine (full review here)

"As if often the case with comics of the highest caliber, much of the fun is simply going along the journey. [...] The reader is hooked and is rooting for Rory, in the same spirit as we all root for Sabrina and for Buffy."
-Comics Grinder (full review here)  

More reviews over on the Awards & Press page, if you're curious.

If you have also read & enjoyed An Embarrassment of Witches you can really help us out by going on Amazon and/or Goodreads and leaving a book review. And if you didn't enjoy the book, well, please don't?

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Monday, December 9, 2019

Our First Review for AEoW!

Publishers Weekly has given us our first review! And it's good!

"This affable coming-of-age fantasy... add[s] a touch of magic to familiar human comedy."

—Publishers Weekly

Check out the full review here:

Or, if you're already sold, pre-order the book on Amazon.